Healthy eating range Blend launched by Lexington Catering

Lexington Catering reveals new healthy eating brand – Blend – which will help customers achieve their five-a-day

Lexington Catering, one of London’s leading foodservice organisations, has created a new healthy eating range and unveiled a new brand identity for its suite of healthy foods. This is symbolised by the introduction of a new brand identity across all of its healthy eating ranges and launch of new items, which reflect changes in the market, eating habits, and help customers easily identify healthy options.

The new healthy eating grab and go brand is called Blend. Each of the different ranges within Blend have been updated with new recipes – these are currently being rolled out across client sites over the coming weeks. Blend is designed to help customers easily identify healthy options, and within the suite is Lexington’s:

  • Flex – this range was previously called Let’s Energise. It is Lexington’s multi award-winning nutritionally calculated grab & go range.
  • Grains&Greens – launched in 2016 Grains&Greens, a vegetarian range, includes wholesome and delicious hot dishes.
  • Free From – launched in 2016 Lexington’s Free From range focuses on gluten free sweet and savoury bakes. It also includes dairy free and raw food items.
  • Vitalicious Juice – Lexington’s award-winning freshly blended vegetable and fruit juice range.

Customers can get their five-a-day at work

Lexington’s Chef Development team, along with an independent nutritionist, has ensured every product within the Flex range counts to at least one of your five a day, enabling customers to get their five-a-day easily, without leaving the office.

The team have a range of tasty offerings to ensure customers get their daily intake of fruit and vegetables. With bircher pots, fresh juices, salad boxes, fruit pots and healthy snacks it’s easy for customers to achieve the recommended five-a-day.

Iona Pite-McCaie, Marketing Manager at Lexington, says, “We are proud to have been recognised as being industry leaders in food innovation and driving healthy eating, with our award-winning healthy food ranges and want to continue leading the way.

“The launch of Blend kicks-off a new era at Lexington Catering and takes our approach to healthy eating and engaging with customers to a new level. This new brand and logo reflect our enthusiasm and focus on engaging our customers and supporting them in achieving their health goals. Our aim is to connect with customers and provide clarity, making it easy for them to identify the range and access nutritional information.”

Julia Edmonds, Managing Director at Lexington says, “Whilst we are doing some fantastic things, as a business, when it comes to healthy eating we recognised the need to create clearer messaging and positioning. The re-brand is providing us with an opportunity to re-educate our team about the concept and ethos behind the range and connect with customers to show the benefits of eating healthy food and that it can taste great.”

Lexington Catering introduced the new brand, Blend, to managers and clients at their inaugural Innovation Day and has been training front of house teams so they understand the brand and can engage with customers.  The team also held a food forum, which focused on the Blend range and new recipes within each of the sub-brands.