German cooks association awards gold medal to HOBART for warewash systems

The readers of the German magazine KÜCHE chose the most innovative product launches in 22 food and technical categories. HOBART's warewash systems FTPi and FTNi are the clear winner in the dishwashing segment

For 13 years now, the readers of KÜCHE, trade magazine and official publication of the German cooks association “Verband der Köche Deutschlands”, have been choosing the best innovations of the year. In 22 categories, they now nominated the winners of the gold, silver or bronze medal. The HOBART FTPi and FTNi, a generation of warewash systems introduced in 2016, convinced the readers so clearly and distinctly that they honoured this world first with gold. The incomparable tools of the new warewash systems include the AUTO-CLEAN self- cleaning programme, the SENSOTRONIC washing intelligence, the twinLINE system for simultaneous washing of trays and dishes and, above all, the efficiency concept for a long-term reduction of operating costs.

Cleaning, exhaust air, and drying management

The basis of the unique efficiency concept is a well-thought-out system of cleaning, drying, and exhaust air. As far as cleaning is concerned, the new warewash systems FTPi and FTNi feature a concept that not only achieves perfect wash results, but also saves energy, reduces power consumption and heat losses, and provides improved detergent efficiency. At the same time, this new cleaning system works with reduced water circulation. The positive effects are: less waste steam, less exhaust air and, consequently, no need to connect the machine to an onsite ventilation or air conditioning system. For this new dishwasher, HOBART also optimised drying, which means that hot air is piped to areas where it is needed. At the same time, the user benefits from a reduced demand in energy.

Self-cleaning programme and washing intelligence

HOBART’s AUTO-CLEAN self-cleaning system sets new standards, since the unique system puts an end to manual cleaning. This is made possible by special cleaning nozzles. These nozzles ensure automatic, perfect cleaning of the machine’s interior making the usual practice of removing the wash arms unnecessary. Another important feature is the SENSOTRONIC washing intelligence installed in the FTPi or FTNi dishwashers. It detects the usually varying machine loads and automatically adjusts the consumption of water, energy, and detergent accordingly.

twinLINE dishwashing organising system

In order to enhance the capacity of the new dishwasher, HOBART has developed the twinLINE system which enables washing of the usual wash ware together with bulky trays which are placed on a separate and also patented DIRECT conveyor belt. The trays are automatically stacked in the exit section of the machine. In practical terms, this saves 30% of the time required for organisational procedures and, owing to these two lines, provides maximum flexibility.

HOBART connectivity 4.0

Internet of Things and connectivity are two subjects that become more and more important in the kitchen, as well. As far as the hotel sector is concerned, simultaneous control of several machines is ever more important. Access can be established over the internet, regardless of where the responsible person is located. What is more, the Internet of Things facilitates the handling of the warewash systems while optimising operational procedures. The Wash Smart APP is a connectivity solution already provided by HOBART.

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