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The Eliminator, FCSI The Americas' 2018 Product of the Year, provides smoke and odor control integrated in the hood, enabling ease of maintenance and service

The 2018 FCSI The Americas’ Conference saw 43 applications for the esteemed prize of FCSI The Americas Product of the Year at the conference’s Innovation Showcase. Ten products were shortlisted and exhibited at the conference for professional members to vote on.

The winner was the Eliminator from Gaylord, which was praised for its evolutionary design, high-efficiency and advanced technology

“We are so proud to have the Eliminator recognized as the FCSI The Americas Product of the Year,” said Keven Hass, national sales manager for Gaylord Industries.

“There is no greater compliment than that which comes from your peers and we want to say thank you to all the consultants who reviewed our wonderful innovation at the event. There were a great number of Gaylord employees who contributed in the development of this product and I cannot thank them enough for their hard work and dedication providing another great solution to the foodservice industry.”


The first ventilator of its kind, the Eliminator is designed to meet the growing need to abate smoke and odor in a small, cost-effective footprint. Mixed use development continues to increase due to market pressures for sustainability and desire for greater housing variety and density.

The Eliminator provides smoke and odor control integrated in the hood located inside the kitchen enabling ease of maintenance and service and no longer requires a separate pollution control unit installed in a mechanical room or rooftop location reducing water, electrical and sewage infrastructure.

  • Frees up valuable space, reduces capital costs and eliminates the need for a remote pollution control unit
  • In-hood integration with Clean-In-Place technology eliminates the hassle of remote service and maintenance
  • Eliminates smoke and odor concerns in mixed-use living, retail and restaurant operations ensuring a good neighbor policy and reducing potential liability.

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