Find a new definition of clean with MEIKO

MEIKO’s tagline, “The Clean Solution,” means customers can trust MEIKO warewashers to deliver absolute cleanliness and safety while optimizing water and energy consumption

You can count on MEIKO to have the big picture in mind: Healthy people and a healthy planet. We’ve been designing and building professional warewashing equipment for nearly 100 years. Our founders dreamed of making the world a cleaner, more livable place. That’s why we’re driven to protect people as well as our planet’s resources.

MEIKO’s 2025 sustainability vision

For years we’ve been implementing environmentally responsible measures in our factories around the globe, and now we’re taking our sustainability methods to the next level. Our 3P strategy focuses on five areas of activity that will set the course for an even more sustainable MEIKO. Those areas include production, developing new machines and technologies, infra-structure, purchasing policies, management culture and supply chains. We are taking a holistic approach, incorporating environmental, economic and social responsibility.

Innovation is key

Warewashing, cleaning and disinfection are indispensable – but we want to maintain superior hygienic results with less water, energy and other resources. Our commitment is unshakeable. We’ve challenged our development teams to find new ways to improve our own products, which will result in the most sustainable warewashing solutions we’ve ever built. Our next generations of machines will set new standards in resource conservation.

Longer machine life span and better reparability

Today’s MEIKO machines are designed to withstand at least 10 years of continuous use. Upcoming generations will last even longer and be even smarter, working in networks together, sustainably. We’re specifically focusing on five points to extend the life of MEIKO equipment and lower the cost of ownership for customers.

  • Lengthened machine life span
  • Equipment made of 90% recyclable materials
  • Comprehensive service to optimize and prolong machine use
  • 20 years spare parts availability
  • Value-holding reparability

Better equipment means better dishroom environments

Labor shortages are causing stress for restaurant and foodservice operators across the globe. MEIKO warewashers speed up kitchen productivity without sacrificing performance or a pleasant working environment. Ergonomically designed components are fast to access and clean. Easy-to-read display screens provide at-a-glance progress for operators. Short wash cycles deliver perfect clean that virtually eliminates the need for rewashing or hand polishing. Double-walled insulation and built-in heat recovery systems further improve working conditions to foster motivation and good health in the workplace.

Further details:

For nearly a century, MEIKO has been making the world cleaner with innovative warewashing, cleaning and disinfection technology—and we’re just getting started. We continue to set exceptional standards for every product we sell, and meet them by hiring the industry’s most skilled employees, creating breakthrough processes and designs, and manufacturing with the highest quality materials. “Made by MEIKO” is our promise of uncompromising hygiene, quality and sustainability.

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