Faced with waste? Get a Wastestation

Cut down on waste disposal costs with IMC's WasteStation, a unit that reduces the volume of food waste by 80% and actual mass by up to 60%

The WasteStation dewaterer and macerator grinds food waste into fine particles that are then fed into the built-in dewatering system. A centrifugal action forces excess liquid out of the macerated waste, depositing the grey water directly into the drain. The compacted solid waste is then collected in small, easily manageable lidded bins, ready for onward processing.

The WasteStation can process up to 700kg of food waste per hour and can reduce waste storage, transport and labour costs. The energy saving unit is self-emptying and self-cleaning. Being fully enclosed, it is also quiet in operation. A simple LED display allows the user to monitor each cycle while an intelligent electronic sensor detects when the bin is full. List prices start at £15,677.

For further information on the WasteStation, or other items in the IMC range, visit www.imco.co.uk or call 01978 661155.