EnviroPure ozone recirculation system wins NRA Kitchen Innovations Award

Commercial foodservice and plumbing product manufacturer T&S Brass and Bronze Works is proud to announce that the National Restaurant Association has bestowed its coveted Kitchen Innovations Award on the company’s new EnviroPure ozone recirculation option

Designed to eliminate the need to add fresh water during the organic food waste disposal system’s digestive process, the ozone recirculation option relies instead on water that is naturally extracted from food waste as it processes through the system.

EnviroPure’s revolutionary system breaks down food waste in just 24 hours through a combination of mechanical processing and aerobic decomposition. An all-natural, micronutrient additive accelerates the digestive process, ultimately turning the food waste into a safe grey water byproduct that meets, and frequently surpasses, municipal wastewater requirements. With the new ozone recirculation option, that grey water is infused with ozone, which acts as a cleansing agent. The purified water then recirculates in a bubbler tank until further needed. Any excess water is can be used for irrigation or other non-potable purposes.

“A typical foodservice operation could expect to save about 400 gallons of water a day using this ozone infusion option,” says Jim Slanina, president of EnviroPure. “At a time when we’re beginning to realize water is not an unlimited resource, we think this will be a welcome innovation.”

The EnviroPure system has won a number of industry awards since T&S acquired it in 2013, and the system has found favor with a broad spectrum of foodservice operations ranging from theme parks and universities to hospitals and casinos. Most recently, EnviroPure systems have been installed in the Statue of Liberty and the new Virgin Hotel Chicago.

“We’re terrifically pleased that the NRA has recognized the uniqueness of this new ozone treatment option. To the best of our knowledge, no other process like it exists in the market, and we’re very excited about having an impact both on saving water and keeping food waste out of landfills.”

To learn more about the EnviroPure ozone recirculation option, visit the interactive Kitchen Innovations Pavilion in Booth 2440 at the National Restaurant Association trade show May 16-19 in Chicago, or go to www.EnviroPureSystems.com.

About T&S Brass
T&S Brass and Bronze Works, Inc. has been a leader in providing innovative equipment solutions to the foodservice and plumbing industries for more than 65 years—since 1947—when it developed the first pre-rinse unit. Today, with facilities on the east and west coasts of the U.S., in Shanghai, China and in Europe, T&S leads the way in environmental initiatives from eco-friendly manufacturing processes to development of award-winning water- and energy-conserving products. T&S is among the first commercial plumbing manufacturers to be registered by UL to ISO 9001 Certification, the most stringent a corporation can receive. For more information, go to www.tsbrass.com.

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