Electrolux Professional supports Canadian luxury resort Parq Vancouver

There is something for everyone at the Parq Vancouver, and the premier luxury resort’s eight restaurant and lounge concepts are equipped with Electrolux Professional solutions

Parq Vancouver, the largest private development in British Columbia, Canada, opened in September 2017. James Beard Award-nominated restaurateurs Elizabeth Blau and Chef Kim Canteenwalla conceived of the world-class resort.

“Being able to work with a team was important to us. There are challenges and issues in kitchens from time-to-time, which is a stress factor and knowing there is support from Electrolux was essential,” said chef Kim Canteenwalla.

Alleviating time and labor

Electrolux Professional supplied EMPower series suites with fryers, French hot tops, griddles, charbroilers, 202 air-o-steam Touchline combi ovens, 62 air-o-convect Touchline combi ovens, tilting kettles, tilting pressure braising pans and hood type dishwashers among the multiple kitchens.

The Pressure Braising Pan was one of the most important pieces to include within the kitchens at Parq Vancouver.

“Time and labor are both big considerations when operating multiple outlets – pressure braising pans help to alleviate both,” said chef Canteenwalla.

Electrolux Professional equipment makes up 85 to 90% of the solutions at the Parq Vancouver, which caters to tastes from farm-to-table cuisines, Southeast Asian flavors and Pacific Northwest seafood, among others, showing the versatility of the Electrolux Professional products.

Future projects

“World-class chefs demand world-class equipment. We are proud to be aligned with Parq Vancouver and world-class consulting firm Systems Design International. Working with SDI was seamless and we look forward to partnering on future projects,” said John Evans, head of the Americas for Electrolux Professional.

Further details:

For more information on Electrolux Professional’s work with the Parq Vancouver, please visit: professional.electroluxusa.com/references/parq-vancouver

For more information about Parq Vancouver, please visit: www.parqvancouver.com



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