Edlund slicer cuts through the work

The Edlund ARC! fruit and vegetable slicer, distributed by Metcalfe Catering Equipment, is a cut above the rest when it comes to slicing tasks, tackling everything from hard onions and potatoes at one end of the scale, to soft tomatoes and other ripe fruit at the other.

Whereas most manual slicers are geared towards hard or soft products, the ARC! can handle both with ease. What’s more, the patent-pending design ensures safe operation because the operator never has to place the product directly on the blades. The pusher/hopper placement keeps fingers well away, while holding fruit and vegetables in the perfect position for slicing. At the same time, small, soft items such as strawberries can be loaded quickly and safely for fast, bulk slicing.

The slicer blades can be swapped in moments to interchange between 3/16” (5mm), 3/8” (6.5mm) and 1/4” (9mm) sizes, depending on the task in hand. For collection, there is room for half or full pans up to four inches deep at the base of the unit to cope with bulk output. On top of all that, the all stainless steel unit comes apart easily for cleaning and maintenance, and is dishwasher safe.

For further details about the Edlund ARC! fruit and vegetable slicer, or other products in the Metcalfe Catering Equipment range, visit www.metcalfecatering.com or call 01766 830456.

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