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The Turbofan range offers an expanded platform of products that have been designed for ease of use to suit virtually any application with its future-proof durability. Consistency is key and is in the Turbofan’s DNA

Now, in today’s climate, more questions will need to be check listed when deciding the best solution. With social distancing at the forefront plus the ability to serve customers quickly, the quality of hot food offered, how long to hot hold food products, developing a new solution is crucial – we have it covered!

We present the Turbofan EH series – extended hot holding cabinet. It offers flexibility to any business when planning for busy service periods. Serving up delicious hot food is the dream of many small to large businesses, but deciding on the right hot holding equipment for your kitchen can get complicated. The Turbofan range EH hot holding cabinets make it easy.

Always ready

Turbofan READY extended hot holding reduces time and labor, offering fast consistent service ensuring food products are of high quality when served, especially when it comes to batch cooking protein. It reduces the wait time, labor time and doesn’t diminish the food quality while hot holding. This ideal holding atmosphere is achieved thanks to the humidity control, you can create the ideal holding temperature and humidity zone for specific menu items. So you can prepare your day menu items ahead of time.

The Turbofan EH cabinet also helps speed up processes especially during peak operations and across multiple service arms, meal delivery, takeaways, grab-n-go. Times are faster, customer waiting times are shorter, leading to less stress in the kitchen for chefs. Operators are left feeling better prepared and equipped well ahead of service time.

The Turbofan extended hot holding can replace conventional food warming cabinets that traditionally take up a lot of space. When businesses want to add in a grab-n-go operation, they can now achieve it easily within a small compact footprint whilst allowing for bulk items to be held and served. Continuing from there, any business can easily extend additional capabilities by including a new service extension. Because of its compact size it is can be placed anywhere, in front-of- house or back-of-house. Serving more food with less wastage.

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