CTX Introduces DZ33I Split Belt Oven

CTX, the world leader in infrared conveyor cooking, announced the debut of the new DZ33I split belt conveyor oven.

CTX infrared cooking offers outstanding, consistent quality on all types of meats and proteins and now operators can use different belt speeds on the same oven.  The oven made its debut in May at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago.

“The DZ33I is top of the line technology and nothing else in the industry compares to it,” said Mark A. Sieron, Group President of CTX and Middleby Marshall. “We received outstanding feedback on the oven when it made its debut at the Restaurant Show. The customers love the flexibility with the different belt speeds as it gives their kitchen speed and less wait time for the customers which keeps them returning on a regular basis.”

The split belt design allows the operator to run the belts at two different speeds.  The structure of the DZ33I allows ovens to be double and even triple stacked, all with split belt capabilities which means six different speeds creating huge menu flexibility for all restaurant owners. This benefits chefs to have multiple menu items cooking at once reducing idle time by changing speeds and temperatures plus minimizing wait time for the customer.

The DZ33I conveyor oven utilizes long range infrared technology allowing foods a more even and consistent cook on all products. Other features offered on the oven are self-cleaning, electronic touch control, and manager control lockout. All of these features enhance the usability of the oven while reducing work load for all level of chefs. Also, the oven infrastructure has been re-engineered with enhanced organization for easier service.

The CTX conveyor was featured in a segment on Fox News in October, 2012 where Mr. Sieron demonstrated on live television how ovens are designed to cook, bake or broil in high volume with consistent quality results. The video is available at www.ctxautomation.com.

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