CookTek introduces SinAqua food holding

CookTek SinAqua Induction Food Well Eliminates Water, Cuts Energy Use in Half and Doubles Food Holding Time

CookTek Induction Systems recently introduced SinAqua® – an induction food holding well which provides significant energy savings & extended food life without water.  SinAqua’s unique waterless design makes it the greenest food holding system in the world and in comparative tests with traditional steam tables SinAqua saves over 50% in energy costs.

Food quality is another advantage to using SinAqua.  Traditional steam tables continue to cook food rather than holding it but SinAqua maintains holding temperatures accurately & consistently thereby avoiding excessive temperature cycling which can cause hot food ‘fatigue’.

SinAqua was designed to accommodate standard full-size, 2 half-size or 3 third-size hotel pans/gastronome pans.  The SinAqua system works with most 18/8 (300 series) stainless food pans so you don’t have to purchase new magnetic pans! Two pan depths are available – 2.5 inch/654mm deep and 4 inch/100mm deep – and other size pans can be used with an optional adapter plate.

SinAqua also reduces installation & operating costs.  ‘Waterless design’ eliminates the need for plumbing and drainage……eliminates the need for preheating the tables…..and eliminates possible leaks, spills and potential waterborne health risks.  Clean-up at the end of service is much simpler and uses less labor time.

The SinAqua system also features:

  • individual controls for each induction zone
  • four standard temperature settings – 150°F/65°C, 160°F/70°C, 175°F/80°C and 190°F/90°C – with more accessible if desired
  • an automatic timer that turns on when the pan is inserted into the well (and can be turned off if desired)
  • Hold time determined by the user and the display will flash when that hold time has expired.
  • easily drops into simple, rectangular cut-outs in the countertop of your choice….stone, stainless steel, wood, etc.

For more information about SinAqua® please contact CookTek Induction Systems at or online at


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