Convotherm Advanced Closed System+ protects against germs

The unique and patented oven also prevents against fumes and vapour from escaping the system

The unique and patented Advanced Closed System+ on Convotherm combination ovens not only ensures that no fumes or vapours can escape from the cooking chamber, but also means that no germs, spores, bacteria or viruses can enter the cooking chamber, a fact that is even more important at this time.

Acting as a sealed cooking chamber, the Advanced Closed System+ boasts automatic moisture adjustment, perfect steam saturation and fast, even heat transfer. By working like a lid on a saucepan, the system keeps heat and moisture in, allowing the temperature to rise more rapidly with less energy being required. In doing so, unlike other combination ovens, it also prevents viruses entering the chamber, which is especially important when cooking at low temperatures.

“The Convotherm Advanced Closed System+ has been the envy of the industry for many years, largely because of the way it eliminates vapours escaping and thus the reduced energy required for cooking a variety of dishes,” says Steve Hemsil, sales director, Welbilt UK.

“However, up until now, few have really appreciated the associated benefit of outside factors, such as airborne viruses, being able to sneak into the cooking chamber. This is extremely important for overnight, low temperature cooking as well as providing added reassurance to both the operator and customer.”

Hygiene and sanitisation

It is not just the advanced closed system that takes Convotherm ovens to a new height when it comes to hygiene and sanitisation. All handles on Convotherm ovens* are made from an antibacterial and antimicrobial plastic featuring silver ions to give users additional security against the transmission of germs, whilst a unique and patented steam sterilisation feature can be activated at the touch of a button at the end of the standard oven cleaning cycle.

This is incredibly important as steam is proven to inactivate and kill bacteria and viruses within 20-30 minutes at 121°C, whilst it can take up to 2 hours with just dry heat alone.

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*Excluding Convotherm Mini range

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