Sous Vide Tools’ compact water baths guarantee precision cooking

A range of energy saving features, moveable stainless steel partitions as standard, plus a bright and highly visible touch screen, are all elements that make Sous Vide Tools’ compact water baths stand out from the competition. And prices start at under £400.

The stainless steel bath has been designed so that the heater and temperature sensor are positioned under the inner tank to help optimise temperature control. The water moves around via natural convection, while the removable lid minimises evaporation and helps to maintain the temperature.

The moveable stainless steel partitions – four supplied as standard with the 14 litre model and six with the 28 litre – separate food into sections within the bath for easy identification. They can also be used to segregate products that have just been placed into the bath from those that are ‘on hold’ waiting to be served.

Both models sport a bright blue illuminated display that can be seen right across the kitchen. Precision cooking is guaranteed through the PID controller, accurate to within 0.1°C, meaning perfectly cooked food time after time.

Other features of the easy-to-operate and easy-to-clean compact unit include overheating protection and a low water level safeguard that will shut off the power and sound an alarm if the water level drops below the minimum required. The larger model also has a tap for draining after use, and side handles to aid lifting.

With a heat up time of 45 minutes to 65°C and working temperature range between 40°C and 90°C, the SousVide Tools compact water bath is perfect for fine dining, gastropubs, hotels and any professional catering establishment looking for consistent, perfect results every time. Both models come with a two-year parts and labour guarantee. Prices start at just £399.99 + VAT.

For further information, visit or call 0800 678 5001.

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