Changing the way the world fries – The new Velocity Series from Henny Penny

Henny Penny, the worldwide leader in pressure frying, reveals an innovative new range that merges lower oil volume with significantly enhanced oil life

Setting entirely new standards in performance, consistency and savings, Henny Penny, is delighted to launch the Velocity Series, an innovative new range of pressure fryers which combine lower oil volume with significantly enhanced oil life to achieve savings of up to 80%!

Designed from the floor up, the models in the new Velocity Series are intended to dramatically lower the cost of high volume frying. A pioneering design features a smaller fry pot which is capable of cooking 72 pieces of food in just 38 litres of oil, 25% less oil per piece than other high volume fryers on the market.

As well as significantly reducing oil consumption, the Velocity Series generates ongoing savings by achieving four times greater oil life and reducing the need to dispose of used oil by 25%, although trails in the USA have seen savings of up to an incredible 80%. To do this, Henny Penny has engineered the equipment to perform automatic filtration after every cook cycle, taking a similar length of time as racking for the next load. This automatic filtration combines with the use of pioneering oil jets to wash food particles from the pot, eliminating scorching and reducing the time needed to clean the unit at the end of a shift, saving on both time and money in a busy catering environment.

Established by Henny Penny almost 50 years ago, pressure frying has grown significantly in recent years as caterers see the benefits of this pioneering cooking method. By closing the food being cooked in the fry pot, the appliance generates a pressurised cooking environment. Having sealed in the flavour and sealed out any excess cooking oil, a pressure fryer achieves food with a wonderful taste, moisture and consistent finish faster than any other method when cooking in high volume.

Putting the operator first

It is not just the flavour that is greatly improved, as Henny Penny has also considered the operator when designing the Velocity Series. A patented counter-balance system makes raising and lowering a load effortless while simple consistent operation is achieved through the next generation touch/tap controls. Featuring a three-line menu style digital display, operators can pre-programme up to 160 products into the controller using the USB interface. Safety is observed thanks to a pressure lock monitor, high-temperature protection and a heavy-duty, fully insulated stainless steel frypot to withstand the demands of a busy kitchen.

Michael Eyre, product director at Jestic Foodservice Equipment adds: “The Henny Penny Velocity Series represents the very latest in pressure frying from this global leading brand. Smaller, easier to use and achieving savings of up to 80% compared to other leading pressure fryers, the appliances demonstrate the very best in consistency and quality in one. Designed for high-volume frying, everything about these appliances has been carefully crafted to meet the needs of the operator, right from the intuitive touch controls and pre-programmed menu to the high-efficiency heating elements and low oil volume to generate super-fast recovery time for continuous cooking.”

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