Breaking down the benefits of the latest, smartest commercial steamer technology

Keeping a kitchen running smoothly while balancing staffing concerns, supply issues and any other challenges requires equipment that reliably delivers on tangible benefits

In foodservice, every advantage counts.

Keeping a kitchen running smoothly while balancing staffing concerns, supply issues and any other challenges requires equipment that reliably delivers on tangible benefits.

The right steamer can do just that.

Cooking with steam can make dishes stand out, keep customers coming back and make life easier for staff. But if employees are constantly frustrated using the steamer or equipment is unreliable, that’s a moot point.

That makes picking the right steamer critical.

Dish up faster, fresher food

Nowadays, customers are presented with nearly endless restaurant options when looking for a meal. Serving up fresh and colorful dishes is always a positive – especially with a health-conscious audience – but keeping ticket times down as much as possible is also critical for foodservice operations.

If quicker and healthier is the goal, steam cooking is one of the best methods of food preparation or retherming. For example, the Groen SmartSteam® Pro Boilerless Steamer cooks 45 pounds of rice in 25 minutes, 45 pounds of broccoli in 10 minutes and 25 pounds of shrimp in 8 minutes. The unit’s convection fan ensures that food is cooked evenly, eliminating the need to reposition and reheat.

So whether a kitchen specializes in pasta, potatoes or practically anything else, they’ll be able to efficiently serve up the delicious dishes that customers love.

Lift the weight off staff’s shoulders

In the chaos of the kitchen, complicated equipment can make sharing the load difficult. Even if an employee knows how to operate a piece of equipment, others might do things differently – leading to miscommunication and reduced productivity.

Having a powerful steamer is great, but if it doesn’t deliver an intuitive user experience, it won’t be maximizing the benefits. Modern steamers like the Groen SmartSteam® Pro Boilerless are designed with easy-to-use smart controls and a durable touchscreen that make operation a breeze.

Features like a convenient +1 minute button, dedicated hold function, simple-to-use pan timers and more free staff to tackle other tasks. These practical features keep everyone on the same page, for consistent results from chef-to-chef and shift-to-shift.

Easier, less frequent maintenance

Historically, commercial steamers have not been known for their reliability.

Breakdowns can occur when minerals build up and clog parts of the system. With frequent use of water vapor, these buildups and breakdowns are all too common in the kitchen – especially when the equipment isn’t properly and diligently maintained.

Fortunately, reliable steamers are designed with this in mind. For example, the Groen SmartSteam Pro Boilerless features enhanced intelligence, real-time performance monitoring and a step-by-step deliming process to make preventative maintenance much easier. And just to be safe, critical backups on the SmartSteam Pro Boilerless keep kitchens operational while service is being arranged.

Nobody likes cleaning at the end of a shift. That’s probably why it’s a task that isn’t done as well as possible by staff – if done at all. However, the SmartSteam Pro Boilerless was engineered with a simple cleaning process to help maximize the lifespan of the equipment.

When it comes to selecting commercial steamers, pick the products that do the most for kitchens. Equipment like the SmartSteam Pro Boilerless can bring kitchens tangible advantages and benefit bottom lines.

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