Brand new to the UK market

Time is of the essence and in today’s society the demand for excellent quality food served quickly is higher than ever. Space and time has often been a limitation to offering such standards, but new equipment fitted with exceptional technology has opened up many opportunities for establishments and chefs alike.


Brand new to the UK market, Jestic Foodservice Equipment bring you the Atollspeed AS300T. This is an advanced hybrid oven that combines hot air impingement and microwave heating technology, enabling baking, frying and cooking up to 10x faster than conventional ovens. The Atollspeed’s ability to cook a wide variety of products at rapid speeds with a very high repeatable standard is ideal for anyone who’d like to take a bite of the snack-business.

Featuring an advanced touchscreen that is not only quick and easy to use but can also store up to 100 programmes, the oven includes a USB port for transferring simple data. Its compact form sits at just 570mm (L) x 700mm (W) x 435mm (H) boasting a small footprint with a higher performance. The ovens can be double stacked for maximum production in minimum space enabling smaller establishments to bring their kitchens up to date with the latest cooking technology. The programming screen can also include menu pictures making the cooking operation simple and fool proof, even during busy periods.

The Atollspeed also features a hygienic baking chamber for quick and simple cleaning, a cool down mode for rapid changes of cooking temperatures and excellent insulation. Its combination of efficient heating and high performance using minimal electricity makes it a great value piece of equipment. Just to top things off Atollspeed have designed it to operate on single phase power so that it can used anywhere, leaving no excuse not to purchase one of these innovative machines.

Michael Eyre, Product Director of Jestic, explains how the Atollspeed AS300T can benefit your kitchen, save you time and money: “The Atollspeed AS300Tis a great addition to any establishments kitchen whether it be large or small,” he says. “Its compact, multi-stackable design takes up little space and is packed with exciting new technology. The machine’s ability to heat up at a rapid speed will save time with its excellent insulation – saving you money on power costs. With more time on your hands it gives you the opportunity to explore new menu prospects and get creative in the kitchen.”

Supplied exclusively by Jestic Foodservice Equipment, the Atollspeed AS300T is now easier than ever to purchase, and even trial in the Jestic Test Kitchen and Menu Development Centre.  For further information on the Atollspeed AS300T or to find out about the other commercial products supplied by Jestic Foodservice Equipment, please visit or call 01892 831 960.