Boosting restaurant hand hygiene in the wake of Covid-19

Hands-free sensor faucets promote a safer, more hygienic environment and can prevent possible contamination from frequently touched faucet handles

Restaurants across the country have begun to reopen their doors following the sweeping shutdown measures enacted to stop the spread of coronavirus. As they do, many are considering how best to accommodate a “new normal” in which health and hygiene measures are in sharp focus.

A major part of this focus is on plumbing fixtures, which are critical to supporting hygiene but can also pose their own risks and challenges as frequently touched surfaces.

Sensor faucets boost cleanliness

The first — and potentially most obvious — option for improving hand hygiene is hands-free sensor faucets. By preventing possible contamination from frequently touched faucet handles, these faucets promote a safer, more hygienic environment. (They also have the added benefit of saving water and money.)

Sensor faucets are a great option not only for public-facing applications like restrooms, where customers appreciate and increasingly expect a touchless experience but also for back-of-house handwashing sinks.

Nearly any sink that currently has a manual faucet can be outfitted with a T&S sensor faucet instead.

T&S sensor faucets are available with a number of options to fit any application. Select either deck- or wall-mount as well as various mounting options to accommodate the current sink design.

From there, options are available for above- or below-deck electronics and a variety of body designs, nozzle styles and sizes, outlet devices, and multiple powering options.

This step-by-step brochure offers an easy overview to customizing the perfect solution.

Making the switch

For facilities that want to switch to sensor faucets, retrofitting is easier than many might fear.

For example, T&S’ EC-3104, EC-3105 and EC-3107 sensor faucet families are specially designed for operators to replace existing deck- or wall-mounted, 4” center, manual two-hole faucets without the need to alter existing hole configurations.

T&S also supports retrofittingwith easy-to-reference resources. We have step-by-step written and video installation guides for below-deck sensor faucets and similar written and video instructions for above-deck sensor faucets.

Other hygiene options

Not quite on the sensor faucet bandwagon? There are other options available to improve hand hygiene and boost safety.

Particularly for back-of-house settings, knee and foot pedal valves offer the simplicity of manual faucets with the hands-free benefits sensor faucets provide.

Or install faucet handles with antimicrobial coatings — special clear coatings applied to the exterior of T&S faucet handles that inhibit the growth of microorganisms and help prevent the transfer of germs to hands.

The antimicrobial coating provides a barrier to odor- and stain-causing microbes such as bacteria, molds, mildew and fungi. The coating doesn’t kill microbes but rather creates an environment where they lose their ability to grow and flourish.

T&S offers manual faucet handles with antimicrobial coatings in wrist blade, lever and 4-arm handle designs, allowing for an easy retrofit of installed T&S manual faucets.

Further details:

For a quick look at the hygiene options available from T&S, check out this infographic. And contact us with any questions about improving restaurant hygiene.

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