Big savings on hot water with a fast payback

Hobart's new CLeN line of conveyor washers delivers exceptional cleaning while helping to slash utility bills associated with hot water, making the dish room more efficient

Hot water is an absolute necessity for food service operations. It’s used in nearly every aspect of daily work, and the utility bills show it. For your customers, Hobart has introduced the new CLeN line of conveyor washers that deliver exceptional cleaning while helping to slash utility bills associated with hot water, not to mention making the dish room more efficient.

CLeN washers represent the peak of energy efficiency to date in a conveyor type washer. The CLeN line features three models: Base, Energy Recovery and Advansys. While the Base model has many advantages in control and design, your customers’ biggest savings are to be had with the Energy Recovery and Advansys models thanks to Hobart’s Drain Water Energy Recovery (DWER) technology.

Reduced energy requirements

Beyond the initial tank fill, the CLeN washers with DWER operate exclusively on cold water. The DWER system achieves this by using heat exchanger technology. The heat exchanger captures heat from exiting drain water, then uses that heat to warm up the incoming cold water prior to sending it to the booster heater. This allows the machine to run on cold water, reducing the energy required to reach rinse temperatures. In the process, it effectively cuts building-supplied hot water usage up to 90 percent. DWER models also temper the drain water, eliminating 90 percent of the cold water needed for tempering, ensuring reduced water usage while still complying with plumbing codes.

By incorporating DWER, Energy Recovery and Advansys models provide up to 20 percent energy savings over the CLe series. And with only a $3,500 cost increase for DWER technology, the efficiencies offered wash away the typical challenges that come with upselling advanced models.

Easy choice

As the most trusted name in commercial dishwashing, Hobart knows that a machine is only as good as its efficiency—and efficiency takes many forms. That’s why incorporating DWER technology to the CLeN line was an easy choice. Hobart constantly strives to create washers with unprecedented energy savings—so much so that Hobart has been an ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year since 2008. In addition to the energy efficiency DWER, the “Best in Class” design and performance incorporated into the CLeN line improves ease of use while extending the equipment’s overall cleaning lifetime.

The new, improved control module removes the guesswork when it comes to your machine’s status. These control features include an exclusive Energy Saver Mode, NSF-rated configurable Pot and Pan Mode (intelligent dwell), Low Temperature Alerts and Dirty Water Indicator. The machine’s status is always readily visible, and it is configurable for de-lime notification. The built-in diagnostic information is NAFEM Data Protocol Compliant.

By combining this line’s improved ease of use with the extensive energy savings of DWER, the Energy Recovery or Advansys models of the CLeN are a smart option for restaurant and commercial food operations.

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