Beautiful displays with Carter-Hoffmann’s new GardenChefTM Herb and Micro Green Growing Cabinets

Carter-Hoffmann plants itself in new territory with the GardenChefTM Herb and Micro Green Growing Cabinet

B at the 2017 NRA Show in Chicago. The GardenChef puts on a beautiful display and offers perfect growing conditions for any flavorful and decorative culinary greens.

Coming in four different sizes and operating on 120 volts, the GardenChef offers enough room for up to sixteen 10’’ by 20’’ flats at its largest size. These cabinets allow for an all organic grow in efficient time using individualized lighting, watering and water quality management growing zones. Maximize nutrition by serving greens immediately after harvesting and ensure farm fresh flavor by using the perfect growing environment. Along with enhanced quality, growing your own greens in flats can lead up to savings of 80% off of the wholesale price.

Customized cycles

The user-friendly automated system provides correct measures of water, nutrients, relative humidity, lighting on optimum cycles for plant growth and nutrient data. Select preprogrammed settings through modern touchscreen digital controls and, if needed, you can customize your own grow cycles. Bring the garden into your kitchen with GardenChef.

Today, the world’s leading hotels, resorts, chain restaurants, healthcare facilities and institutions rely on Carter-Hoffmann equipment to deliver their meals efficiently, safely, and kitchen-fresh. For more information on Carter-Hoffmann please visit

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