Banquet cleaning made easy with Winterhalter

Winterhalter’s MTR dishwasher makes the Christmas banquet clean up easier and faster

Big Christmas banquets create mountains of dirty dishes, glasses, crockery and cookware. Clearing and washing up post-banquet can be a huge task, with the requirements varying from one commercial kitchen to another. Winterhalter’s MTR range of rack conveyor dishwashers enables banquet caterers to turn around dirty plates and glasses quickly and easily, while also saving energy, costs and resources.

The versatility, performance and reliability of Winterhalter’s MTR range is a big bonus with banqueting, delivering hygienically sparkling results on everyday and more delicate, finer tableware, without the need to switch between various programmes or use separate detergents. This flexibility extends to glassware, with no need to wash glasses separately.

The MTR’s wash arms are specially designed for the speedy throughput while at the same time achieving outstanding wash results. Even the smallest MTR2 is capable of processing up to 155 racks per hour while the largest MTR4 can now process up to 350 racks per hour.

The MTR is a modular system comprising of different zones: the loading zone, the pre-wash zone, the main wash zone, the rinse zone, the drying zone and the unloading zone. The MTR can be programmed so that pumps and fans in each zone are only operated if loaded racks are inside it, reducing energy costs and resources. The optional detergent saving device, which channels some of the rinse water back into the prewash zone, reduces detergent use by up to 50%.

Accessible to all

To save time the MTR machines have time-controlled start-up, which allows the machine to fill and heat up automatically before staff even start their shift. Easy to remove components make for trouble-free maintenance.

MTR machines are easy to use, thanks to a SmartTouch multifunctional, multilingual touchscreen that tells operators all they need to know using easy-to-read text and symbols to help eliminate operator errors – especially useful for temporary or new staff, who can operate the machine with little training. The touchscreen allows for comprehensive monitoring at all times, storing HACCP and relevant hygiene data, and even monitoring external water treatments, such as the RoMatik 420, to enable quick responses to error messages and reducing downtime.

As well as washing banqueting dishes perfectly the MTR machines keep themselves clean, too. The automatic self-cleaning programme guarantees a hygienic interior at all times, ensuring perfect wash results and reducing the need for manual cleaning. Meanwhile the smooth, seamless interior surfaces of the dishwasher means there are no nooks or crannies to trap dirt or bacteria.

To minimise operating costs the Mediamat wash water filtration cleans the tank water of floating particles – reducing water, power, and detergent consumption throughout the operating cycle.

Further savings are achieved with an exhaust air heat recovery system that uses the energy of the machine’s warm exhaust air to heat up the cold incoming water. As well as reducing energy consumption this also reduces the ambient temperature of the warewash area, making a more pleasant working environment.

For full details of the Winterhalter’s warewashing service and other products visit the company website or telephone on 01908 359000.

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