A prep table that knows when you’re working and when you’re not

Hoshizaki America is pleased to announce the addition of eleven new refrigerated pizza prep models to the Steelheart Series

Hoshizaki America’s pizza prep tables have been redesigned with patent pending technology that keeps food at ideal temperatures in the rail and the cabinet while requiring less labor and maintenance. These new models feature automatic temperature control in night and day modes, a dual controller system, optimal airflow in the rail and a front-mounted removable air filter.

Night/day mode is activated by a light sensor inside the rail and allows the set point temperature to drop when the lid is open so food in the rail is kept cool. Once the lid is closed the temperature will return to a normal set point so food can stay in the rail overnight without freezing. With the setpoint automatically reducing overnight there is no risk of forgetting to manually set it.

The dual controller system provides separate controls for the rail space and cabinet space on a single refrigeration circuit. Cabinet fans are controlled on a separate thermostat which feeds cold air through its own duct that evenly distributes air into the cabinet space. The temperature dial for the rail is located on the interior of the cabinet so there is no confusion with the main cabinet space controller.  These controllers are adjustable for any operation.

Helping direct airflow

The rail in the new pizza prep offers another upgrade including an improved airflow system. Air moves from back to front surrounding each pan, allowing for even and steady temperatures. It also offers a single-piece rail duct which helps direct airflow and is easily removable for simple clean-up. No more complicated duct reassembly when cleaning – just remove excess food from the rail tub.

Kitchen operators know best on what products and features are needed to make their operation more efficient and competitive- Hoshizaki listened and remains motivated to provide continuous improvement and innovative technology for our equipment.

Further details:

For more information, please visit www.hoshizakiamerica.com.

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