Two minutes with… ANDREA RIBALDONE

The award-winning chef tells Michael Jones about opening his Alessandria restaurant I Due Buoi and his plans for Host 2015

Q. You must be very happy with the response to your new restaurant in Alessandria, I Due Buoi since it opened in 2014? Why has it worked so well?

A. Yes, I am very happy. Opening I Due Buoi was the rst true professional challenge after my time at La Fermata restaurant. My partner and restaurant manage Salvatore Iandolino and I had decided to strike out on our own. So we created this project to revive one of the most important restaurants in the Alessandria area and to make it our flagship restaurant. Things are going pretty well and this is down to the quality of the team

Q. How do you balance that role as F&B Director for JSH Hotels & Resorts with running the kitchens at I Due Buoi?

A. Anything is possible when you have a good team behind you. Co-ordinating all the different roles and functions isn’t easy but working with professionals is a massive help, especially when you can’t be physically present at every site.

Q. What was it like working for Eataly Tokyo?

A. I loved working for Eataly Tokyo, mainly because I learnt so much, especially about taste combinations and new ingredients, everything was so different from that with which I was used to working. It has made my cooking broader and richer.

Q. What is the focus at the Arco company, which you founded with Salvatore Iandolino?

A In Arco srl, the company’s name, the A and the R are my initials, Andrea Ribaldone. I’m a chef and  I can proudly say that during my career I have enjoyed working in different places with some of the top names in cooking, but that what gives me most satisfaction is the fact that I dedicate my life to my work. I always put at the forefront of everything I do the quest to attain the highest possible quality. I like to think that my initials could be a hallmark of this pursuit or quality. With Salvatore and my staff, we operate in the catering and food and beverage sectors, supporting our clients during both start-up and during their creative and organisational growth.

Q. What is the secret to your success?

A. Never give up and work hard, but don’t forget the most important things and enjoy life with a smile.

Q. Is it true your grandfather invented the famous ‘wheel shape’ pasta?

A. That’s right, he did invent that pasta. My maternal grandfather was a pasta producer, but also a businessman who could look to the future and seek out opportunities in the export markets.

Q. What are you most looking forward to seeing at Host 2015?

A. Host for me is the synthesis of cutting edge innovation and technology in the world of cooking and food. This year I’m going to be presenting Spaghetto Milano, the dish I created in honour of Expo2015 as the signature dish for the Identità Expo by Identità Golose; a tribute to pasta (and my grandfather), to Italy and to Milan.


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