Former Follett CEO Don Follett receives Daniel E. Cohen award for service to ProJeCt of Easton

Follett is recognized for outstanding support of the disadvantaged in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, community

Follett LLC has announced that Don Follett, former CEO of Follett, has been awarded the Daniel E. Cohen award for outstanding service to ProJeCt of Easton and its mission to “build a better community by helping people help themselves.” The Cohen award recognizes an individual, organization, or business that promotes the well-being of the disadvantaged in the Lehigh Valley and exhibits exemplary leadership and community activism.
Event chairman Steve Follett recounted how his father, Don, embodied Follett’s core value of “supporting our communities as a responsible corporate citizen,” he said. “For over 20 years, my dad has helped guide and support ProJeCt of Easton as it continues to educate hundreds of clients on how to build action plans, acquire essential life skills, and put themselves on a path to break the cycle of poverty.”
About ProJeCt of Easton
ProJeCt of Easton gets people ready to succeed in work, school, and life by giving them the skills, knowledge, guidance, and support they need to achieve their goals. ProJeCt of Easton believes that education is the key to fulfilling its mission, and it offers a comprehensive system of services in order to help people learn, plan, and build productive lives. With the support of donors and community partners, ProJeCt of Easton harnesses the power of education to break the cycle of poverty.
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