Unox UK brings the stars out for ‘Stella Experience’ in Italy

Unox rolled out the star treatment as the oven manufacturer whisked away some of the UK’s hottest chefs for an all-inclusive Italian trip

Already acclaimed for customer support, Unox UK is taking live demos to a new level with a ‘Stella Experience’ at the company’s headquarters in Padova, Italy. Kicking off a new series of exclusive site visits, the oven manufacturer was delighted to host renowned chefs Thomas Brown, Adam Smith, Luke French, Greg Clarke, Alan Thatcher, Aktar Islam, and Brad Carter for a two-day getaway. 

Mixing business with leisure, the Stella Experience rolled out the welcome wagon with a day trip around Venice, followed by a second day at Unox HQ. Day two saw the chefs tour the state-of-the-art facilities, which included a behind-the-scenes factory visit of the manufacturer’s operations, a live cooking demonstration with the latest innovative equipment, and a panel discussion.  

Luke French, Chef-patron at Jöro in Sheffield, said: “The trip to Unox HQ has been absolutely unbelievable. Really, really impressed.”


But it was the factory tour that was the ‘pièce de resistance’ for French. Guided by Unox UK active marketing chefs Luke Taylor and Andy Gynn, the tour gave the group exclusive access to Unox’s warehouses and workshops to take a closer look at the innovation and detail that goes into every individual oven. 

French added: “The factory tour was absolutely unbelievable. The attention to detail from start to finish is absolutely mind-blowing. Just how immaculate everything is. The organisation and the knowledge that Luke’s got, and the passion these guys have – it’s been amazing.”

Hot on the tail of the latest ‘I Choose EVEREO®’ episode featuring two Michelin-star chef Gareth Ward, the panel discussion focused on how the chefs are using the world’s first ‘hot fridge’ from Unox to enhance and develop their menus. 

In a quick-fire round of feedback on the EVEREO®, French commented: “I’ve got an EVEREO® at the restaurant at the moment. Great bit of kit. Definitely going to get a couple more of them. I’m interested in, some other bits of kit as well. One word to describe it? I have to say, it’s unbelievable.”

First of many trips

Reflecting on the first Stella Experience Scott Duncan, managing director at Unox UK, said:

“It’s really important to us that our customers get to see how and where our ovens are designed and manufactured. But given the extraordinary guest list, and knowing how busy and hardworking these chefs are, we wanted to make sure it was worth their while with a nice balance of work and leisure. We’re really delighted with the positive feedback. 

“A big topic during the trip was, of course, sustainability, so we were pleased we could show the group the targets we’ve met as well as our vision for achieving new ones and how this could help their kitchens and teams cook more energy efficiently.  

“This was a carefully selected group of chefs, consisting of long-term and new customers, so it was a fantastic way to get feedback from chefs who are at different stages of their journey with Unox and know how we can support them further with their culinary ambitions. We want to focus on different equipment for each trip, but this is definitely the first of many Unox Stella Experiences to come.”