FCSI Germany/Austria activities at Internorga 2023, Hamburg

Delegates at Internorga in Hamburg are invited to join the roundtable hosted by FCSI Germany and Austria, which will be focused on sustainability

This fifth edition of the roundtable – which will be in German – for professional and allied FCSI members is also open to other foodservice professionals from across the industry. The details of the session are:

Digitally sustainable – Mission sustainability for guests & the environment

Veganism has taken the catering industry by storm. But guests want more: regional cuisine, low CO2 emissions, conscious use of available resources, less food waste. Guests’ demands for holistic sustainable gastronomy are real and growing rapidly. On the other hand, visiting a restaurant is often an emotional experience. Guests want to focus on feeling positive emotions instead of thinking about the complex processes behind it that require sustainable management. 

The “Frohköstler guests” have come to stay; they are committed to healthy and sustainable food, like to be active on social media and they value the full attention of the host. Holistic digital gastronomy can help achieve sustainable goals. Welcome to the future.

But what does modern gastronomy that strategically uses digital technologies look like today? How can digital solutions support more sustainable production? And can the pressing problems really be solved by digital tools?

We will discuss these and other questions at the fifth roundtable in Hamburg at the Gastro-Vision venue in the Empire Riverside Hotel on 12 March 2023 in Hamburg. Welcome to the future.


Sunday, 12th March 2023:

Fifth FCSI roundtable in Hamburg for professional and corporate members, Industry and all people interested in the branch (in German)
15.30:  Admission to the 5th FCSI Stammtisch at the Empire Riverside Hotel

16.00:  Official welcome address

16.15:  Digital sustainable – sustainable digital: the holistic gastronomy of the future (1)

17.00:  Break

17.15:  Digital sustainable – sustainable digital: the holistic gastronomy of the future (2)

18.00:  Get-together at Skyline Bar 20Up – Empire Riverside Hotel (only for FCSI Stammtisch participants)

19.30:  End of the event

Other FCSI EAME activities during Internorga 2023

Monday, 13th  March 2023:

9.00 a.m. – 10.00 a.m. Meeting for corporate members of FCSI Germany-Austria at the Internorga.

Tuesday, 14th  March 2023:

9.00 – 17.00 FCSI G-A KoKoKo workshop “the breathing organization” – members of FCSI Germany-Austria in the Empire Riverside Hotel

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