FCSI France 2020 General Assembly

FCSI France provides an overview of the main discussion points from the annual general meeting, held last month

The FCSI France General Meeting (GM) took place on Tuesday 2 February by video conference. About 40 professional members and partners attended the meeting.

The objective of this GM was to discuss and vote together on the 2020 balance sheet and future projects. Paul Montégut, president of FCSI France and Denis Daveine, treasurer, presented the retrospective of 2020 – unfortunately not very active due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Key topics included:

  • The cancellation of the FCSI France/Hobart meeting, which was initially scheduled for March 2020.
  • The cancellation of the FCSI France/Matfer Bourgeat meeting, which was scheduled for June 2020.
  • The cancellation and postponement to 2022 of FCSI France’s participation in the EquipHotel trade fair in Paris.
  • The cancellation and postponement to 2021 of the FCSI Europe, Africa, Middle East (EAME) Conference in Chantilly.

The FCSI France program in 2021:

  • European conference in Chantilly coordinated by FCSI EAME and in partnership with FCSI France, postponed to October 2021.
  • Implementation of a strategy and a communication plan with a communication agency in order to promote the profession and boost the production of FCSI France content while associating communication with FCSI EAME.
  • Organization of the FCSI France Webinar (program in preparation).

The objective for 2021 is to develop the representation of France on a European scale and of course to continue to promote the image of catering consultants in France again and again.

FCSI France elections

During this General Meeting, the re-election of the members of the board took place, with the exception of Gilles Chevalier (BEGC).

The professional members elected to the board for a two-year term are: Sylvain Caussignac (HACS), Denis Daveine (Alma Consulting), Olivier Engels (ERM Project), Nolwenn Laroche (BEGC) and Paul Montégut (Restauration Conseil).

The partner members elected to the board for a two-year term are: METOS (Bénédicte Compère), ECP (Charles Pierre de Pommery), Matfer-Bourgeat (Patrick Mauries) and Serveco (Jean-Jacques Mulleris).

Paul Montégut has resigned from his position as president. The board elected by majority Denis Daveine to succeed him and Nolwenn Laroche as treasurer.

FCSI France has 69 members of which 20 members are professionals & associates (Design office), 37 are partners (manufacturers of catering equipment) and 12 are former members of the association (Emeritus).

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