Supported by The Middleby Corporation and featuring leading design consultants, the episode explores ventless tech for senior living operators

On Wednesday 5 August 2020, two leading FCSI The Americas design consultants and Scott Heim, president, Ventless Solutions, The Middleby Corporation met for a virtual roundtable to discuss ventless innovation in senior living facilities.

Chaired by Michael Jones of FCSI’s Foodservice Consultant magazine, the panel saw experienced designers Connie Dickson FCSI of Rippe Associates and FCSI Associate Andrey Teleguz of SCOPOS Hospitality Group discuss how ventless technology can help senior living facility operators free up space in foodservice settings and how consultants can harness the potential of the technology for their clients’ benefit. 

You can watch the video of the roundtable below:

Food as theater

“For the folks in senior living, the demographics are changing. In the days of The Food Network, everybody loves food. It’s theater. And bringing that cooking activity out front is huge. It also needs to look good. For operators, it’s also important for them to think about the right application. Where does that ventless cooking equipment excel and what can it handle?” says Dickson.

“Operators already understand [ventless] and they want it,” says Teleguz. “The biggest value that it brings is when we bring that experience to front of house with a sauté station and that cooking aroma – that actually frees up a space in the back of the kitchen, which can now become production. Essentially, I’m adding capability for the operators.”

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