Watch: FCSI roundtable on advantages and limitations of ventless (ductless) solutions

Six top design consultants and Halton Group's global R&D director look at ventless innovation and what the future looks like for the technology

On Tuesday 22 June, 2021, six of the world’s foremost design consultants plus the director of Global R&D for Halton, took part in an FCSI virtual roundtable to debate the advantages – but also the challenges and limitations – of ventless solutions in foodservice spaces.

Chaired by Michael Jones of FCSI’s Foodservice Consultant magazine, the roundtable features Edward Arons FCSI, Colburn Guyette, (US); Edward Bircham FCSI, Humble Arnold Associates, (UK); Andrew Brain FCSI, Foodservice Consultants Australia, (Australia); Robert Doland FCSI, Jacobs Doland Beer, (US); Mildred Famero (FCSI Associate), Eminent Foodservice Design Consultancy Pte Ltd, Philippines; Laura Lentz FCSI, Culinary Advisors, LLC, (US) and Andrey Livchak, Director – Global R&D, Halton Group.

The roundtable, sponsored by Halton Group, addressed the following topics:

  • The advantages of ductless ventilation systems in foodservice
  • The implications of installing ductless ventilation on existing building infrastructure
  • Why many operators are increasingly looking at ductless ventilation systems as an option to adapt retail/office environments into hospitality spaces
  • How operators can create new avenues of F&B revenue in areas considered as non-traditional (or, previously ‘dead’) spaces through ventless/ductless ventilation systems
  • Not only the opportunities the technology presents, but also any current limitations it faces, globally
  • Any pervasive ‘myths’ about the technology and how operators and consultants can navigate a changing regulatory landscape
  • Where ventless innovation is heading and what the future looks like for the technology

You can watch the video of the roundtable below:

Further details:

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