Watch: FCSI from HostMilano – Fire suppression test requirements for commercial kitchens

An expert panel at HostMilano 2023 addressed the world of fire suppression systems and standards in the commercial kitchen

Hosted by the Foodservice Consultant team at the FCSI EAME booth duringHostMilano 2023, this panel session explored the current picture of fire suppression systems and standards. Consultant Frank Wagner FCSI, managing partner of KDREI joined Jan Waldow from Ansul for a conversation about changes and challenges for operators, consultants and manufacturers.

This panel, sponsored by Ansul, was chaired by Tina Nielsen, the editor of FCSI’s Foodservice Consultant magazine and covered the following a broad range of topics, including:

  • What are some of the primary concerns within fire suppression in restaurants?
  • What are the drivers of change in fire suppression in foodservice?
  • What’s different in the new standard EN17446?
  • How challenging are new regulations for fire suppression in your work with operators? 
  • How will the fire suppression panorama develop in the future?f

You can watch the video of the panel session below:

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