From enjoying customer virtual lunch and learn meetings to coming up with technology to deal with challenges posed by Covid-19, FCSI Allied members share updates on new products and services

Despite the long, enforced period of shutdown, large parts of the foodservice equipment manufacturing sector have continued to operate at some capacity throughout the pandemic. Many of the foodservice manufacturing plants are considered essential businesses and so FCSI Allied members have continued to work on new solutions to deal with the Covid-19 imposed restrictions that the industry will have to deal with, at least in the immediate future.

New products and programs

Hear below from Allied members from Vulcan, Thermodyne and Polar King below as they share their video messages about exciting new products and training programs for fellow FCSI members with the Foodservice Consultant team:

Further details:

If you are an FCSI Allied member and would like to update fellow FCSI members and the wider industry on how your company is tackling the Covid-19 situation, please contact Natasha Merkel, who can help you promote that message for as little as $100.

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