Seafood back on the menu for Bocuse d’Or 2023 as countries are announced

The countries primed to compete in the 2023 culinary competition have been announced along with the first details of the food candidates must prepare

As the gastronomy world enters the lead-up to the 19th edition of the Bocuse d’Or, organizers have announced that seafood products will feature in the competition for the first time since 2015.

Candidates will be asked to create and prepare a grand platter for 15 people based on monkfish. Each candidate will be supplied with two monkfishes and scallops to work on a stuffing. As for the garnishes, the teams will have to prepare two vegetable garnishes to be placed on the platter as well as a garnish served separately, made from a legume representing their own country, mussels and a crouton of their own composition.

In step with the times, for this edition sustainability will be a focus of the competition – chefs are encouraged to promote environmentally friendly practices and organisers have announced that all products that are not used during the competition are donated to associations and organizations to fight against food waste.

Timeless spirit

The grand final of the Bocuse d’Or follows approximately 60 national selecting events and four continental events for the 2022-2023 cycle. For 30 years, the Bocuse d’Or has honoured chefs whose dedication to their art and cooking in general perpetuate the timeless spirit of Paul Bocuse.

The complete list of the 24 selected countries after the four continental selections (Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe) and the attribution of 2 wild-cards:

  • Australia – Alex McIntosh
  • Belgium – Sam Van Houcke
  • Canada – Samuel Sirois
  • Chile – Ari Zuñiga
  • China – Nick Lin
  • Colombia – Carlos Pájaro
  • Denmark – Brian Mark Hansen
  • Estonia – Alexander Gureev
  • Finland – Johan Kurkela
  • France – Naïs Pirollet
  • Hungary – Bence Dalnoki
  • Iceland – Sigurjón Bragi Geirsson
  • Japan – Tomoyuki Ishii
  • Mauritius – Kritesh Halkory
  • Morocco – Faiçal Zahraoui
  • Mexico – Marcelo Hisaki
  • Norway – Filip August Bendi
  • New Zealand – William Mordido
  • South Korea – Hwang Byeong Hyen
  • Sri Lanka – Mihishan Rashminga Silva
  • Sweden – Jimmi Eriksson
  • Switzerland – Christoph Hunziker
  • United Kingdom – Ian Musgrave
  • USA – Jeffery Hayashi

Estonia and Sri Lanka will be the wild-card entries, following their performances in the European and Asia-Pacific selections.

The theme on a plate will be revealed in mid-November.

The grand final of the Bocuse d’Or will take place at Sirha Lyon on 22 and 23 January 2023. For more information visit

Tina Nielsen

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