‘Profit Tools’ for the FCSI Consultant

Tucker W "Bill" Main FCSI, tells us how he uses his many years of experience to help his clients run successful businesses


Foodservice. Some things never change…and probably never will. It’s still a grind-it-out, nuts and bolts business of fundamentals. Forgive the football metaphor, but blocking and tackling still wins games most of the time.

After more than 40 years in foodservice – including 20 plus years in my own restaurants and over 1,000 MAS clients – and despite all the huge breakthroughs in technology, the end-game of both commercial and institutional foodservice is still controlling costs, managing employees and driving average check, cover counts, and ticket turns.

To do that, the FCSI client/operator needs systems, structure and controls. As FCSI consultants, whether design- or MAS-oriented, we have an obligation to help provide our clients with the “solutions toolkit” they need to be successful; because, we don’t just design kitchens or counsel management, we are “success facilitators”.

I have spent my entire career compiling, collecting and creating systems, shortcuts and insights that, if used properly and religiously, become “tools” that virtually guarantee success. I call them Profit Tools from Bill Main, and they should fit easily into any “best practices” format. Successful foodservice operations, whether institutional or commercial, have them in spades. But if a client doesn’t, there is a chance for the FCSI consultant to be a hero.

A recent client with a small operation felt there was a lot of dissatisfaction and discontent amongst his eight employees. I prescribed an Employee Pulse Survey that took 10 minutes to administer, was non-threatening, anonymous and delivered immediate insights. Another client was agonising over poor hiring choices. I provided him with a Social Styles Survey that took less than five minutes for applicants to complete, and reduced inadequate new hires by 80%. For the kitchen manager struggling with food cost, a simple Inventory Turnover Ratio calculation told all. In all three cases, it was the ‘Profit Tool’ that opened the door to a continuing and deeper client relationship.

The current generation of “millennials” (aged 18-33) is a huge percentage of the workforce. Their world is a smart phone. Thus, their brains are already hardwired to receive and execute Profit Tools. If it’s short and sweet, quick and easy, they love it.

So, whether it’s colleges and universities, business and institutions, health care, military, prisons, hotels, recreation or restaurants, Profit Tools can help you. I’m glad to provide some on a complimentary basis; just e-mail me at bill.main@sbcglobal.net.

For FCSI members outside the US, these Profit Tools will often be the value-added benefit that separates you from a competitor. And remember, if operations are more profitable due to the influence of FCSI consultants, professional referrals go off the chart.

Tucker W. “Bill” Main, FCSI, CSP   “Making Complicated Simple

Profit Tools from Bill Main are a fresh perspective on new (and old) ideas, innovations, and inventions that enable the restaurateur to be more profitable, solve operational problems, and deliver better value to the guest.