Opinion: keeping guests satisfied through effective hotel management

Outsourcing expert Alan Ridgell identifies five effective strategies hotel managers can use to stay one step ahead of the competition

Every hotel’s top priority is improving guests’ overall satisfaction with their hotel experience. Hotel owners and managers must prioritize customers’ needs while coping with limited resources and personnel. Every effort should be made to create service standards that stress providing outstanding service to every guest if a hotel is committed to developing a premier service culture. You can’t put a value on a satisfied customer regarding hotel sales. The cost of acquiring a new client might be five to eight times higher than maintaining an existing one.

Investing time and energy into developing a plan to keep your existing customers returning will pay off in spades. Favorable reviews and word-of-mouth from satisfied visitors can significantly boost your hotel’s business. To maintain a modern and competitive outlook in hotel management, you must be aware of providing the finest possible service and promoting your business in unique ways. Here are five effective strategies hotel managers can use to stay one step ahead of the competition.

1.     Prioritize experience over the transaction

Hotel chains must emphasize their individuality to stand out in the crowded hospitality industry. As a hotel owner or manager, you should highlight the features that set your establishment apart on its website and social media pages, giving prospective visitors a taste of their stay even before they visit. The value of your hotel can be enhanced by providing guests with memorable experiences. Your employees should solve the difficulties and meet the demands of your clients.

2.     Follow-up messages to guests once they’ve booked

Send a visitor a quick email as a follow-up to start a conversation. Before the visitor even arrives, you’ll be able to establish the atmosphere for their stay and acquire essential details about them. Provide simple services that show care and consideration for the guests, such as additional pillows and dinner reservations or even call centre services. It’s a fantastic method for enhancing client profiles, demonstrating dedication to service, and reinforcing your brand’s promises and image.

3.     Give out gifts and provide free services to guests

Customers will feel more loyal to you and your company if you go the additional mile to make their stay enjoyable. Freebies are a great way to wow your visitors. Guests who receive freebies will likely rave about your hotel to their friends and even spread the word through social media. Providing complimentary transport to the airport or nearby destinations is an example of offering free services.

4.     Upgrade the technologies in the hotel rooms

Managing a hotel means balancing several burning responsibilities. However, these days, hotels are developing cutting-edge technologies. Hotel guests’ experiences are altering due to in-room technology. Guests’ needs for in-room technology range from the basic to the complex, based on personal interests and priorities. For instance, smart room keys can be installed so visitors can unlock their rooms with a tap of their smartphones. In addition, tablets are a valuable tool for facilitating two-way communication between employees and visitors. The hotel can use tablets for even advertising its own services.

5.     Identify your top customers so you can provide them with specialized service

When guests arrive, your entire focus should be on meeting their particular requirements in an atmosphere of warmth and hospitality. Traditional customer care is one of the most effective methods for keeping customers coming back. MCD Partners found that 74% of guests are more inclined to hotels taking significant, proactive measures throughout their stay to enhance their experience. There is a direct correlation between the quality of service and the frequency of repeat business from your VIP customers. Recognize your VIP guests and ensure your team is prepared for their stay by learning about their preferences.

The bottom line

Providing a pleasant stay for guests and ensuring their satisfaction are two of a hotel’s most important responsibilities. Seek for the problematic areas that leave visitors getting betrayed. When you’ve figured out the problem’s code, you should start making up solutions on the spot. As a result, the hotel’s guest satisfaction rating will rise as visitors become more pleased with the kind of service they get.

Alan Ridgell

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