Opinion: How caterers improve by updating equipment

Upgrading foodservice equipment and kitchenware can help operators by dramatically increasing efficiency and productivity, says outsourcing expert Alan Ridgell

Competition in the catering industry is increasingly becoming fierce. Caterers are coming up with different ideas every day to make sure that their businesses continue to boom and that they are not left behind in the latest trends. One such trend which has proven beneficial beyond doubt is getting upgrades for their present equipment. This article focuses on how caterers are improving their work by updating their equipment.

Enhances business image: When you present an excellent image of your business to the world, people are bound to patronize your services. One of the best ways to improve your business image is to update your kitchen equipment. Better kitchen equipment will enhance faster and more efficient delivery, thereby helping you present a good image to the outside world. Potential customers will see that you provide neat and organized food services and therefore they cannot wait to patronize you.  You could make your job and work life easier by using disposable dinnerware sets. These equipment are easy to use and you do not have to worry about doing the dishes after the diners finish their meal. You just have to pack up and trash them out. What’s more? They are of good quality, are aesthetically pleasing, and are very much presentable. As much as people love their food to look good and tantalizing, it should not be served in ugly-looking or old-fashioned plates because they might immediately lose their appetite.

Saves upkeep and maintenance costs: Updating your cooking equipment will help you save money that would have been spent on maintaining old equipment. Other equipment is prone to breaking down easily and you would have to spend extra money and stress yourself out in a bid to repair or replace some parts while also trying to meet up with clients’ orders. It could be worse if your gas cooker suddenly stops working and you cannot find a solution quickly. If you had a commercial range burner gas oven, you wouldn’t have to worry about disappointing clients or losing them. Using the latest and upgraded equipment will save you from stress and you can focus your energy on running a smooth and productive catering business. In addition, the latest equipment uses less energy and this can help you reduce how much you spend on energy bills.

Boosts food quality: When your delicacies taste so much better than other caterers,  you are bound to gain popularity and make more sales. Using new and latest equipment will help you achieve refined and unique tastes that will keep customers salivating for more and flocking to your business premises to purchase your services. Imagine using an industrial deep fryer or even an air fryer instead of the traditional frying pans to make those crunchy potato/yam chips. New, well-maintained equipment will undeniably function better and produce faster results without distorting the quality of the served foods.

Provides more reliability: Latest kitchen equipment has been built with better technological ideas and is, therefore, more reliable than its older counterparts. They do not stop working suddenly or get damaged easily. Moreover, they can accomplish multiple cooking steps at once, are faster, and can produce even better results. Using such equipment allows you to serve your customers efficiently and consistently. You and your customers will not need to worry about the food getting delayed or the snacks getting burnt in the oven.

Helps with employee retention: Nowadays, employees do not want to work in places that will drain all their physical energy and leave them totally exhausted at the end of the day.  Cooking is not an easy task but you can make it easier and bearable when you upgrade all your equipment to the latest ones. This way, they can assist even if you are short-staffed. Moreover, when employees see that your business makes use of new equipment, it makes them willing to work for you and you do not have to keep sending out vacancies. Also, when employees have access to equipment that enables them to multitask, such as a multifunctional vegetable cutter, they do not have to sit idle all the time. They will also be able to relate with customers better and provide excellent customer service and everyone goes home happy.

Upgrading your kitchenware will help to make your work easier and faster as these machines do most of the work for you. It will also increase your efficiency and overall productivity.

Alan Ridgell

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