In memoriam: Shigeru Suzuki FCSI

FCSI Asia Pacific Division, and the wider Society mourns the loss of Japanese member Shigeru Suzuki FCSI who passed away on 22 June. “He will be missed by so many,” said Toni Clarke FCSI, who served for many years on the APD board with the Yokohama, Japan-based consultant

Yokohama, Japan-based FCSI member Shigeru Suzuki passed away on 22 June. Suzuki was the president, of Y. Inoue Office, Ltd and a long-term board member of FCSI Asia Pacific Division (APD).

“Shigeru was a true supporter of FCSI,” said the Division in a statement it released on LinkedIn. “He made remarkable contributions to the foodservice industry and left an indelible mark on all who had the privilege of working with him.

“Shigeru was an esteemed colleague, industry leader and friend to many in the industry. He was also a cherished colleague and a source of inspiration for many of us. His legacy and passion for FCSI will continue to influence and shape our industry for years to come. And for this the FCSI Family is eternally grateful.

“On behalf of FCSI we offer our condolences to Shigeru’s family, friends and colleagues. His larger-than-life personality will certainly be missed, and we will always be grateful for his friendship,” said the statement.

Amazingly talented

“He will be missed by so many,” said Toni Clarke FCSI, who served for many years on the APD board with the Yokohama, Japan-based consultant

Suzuki was “a wonderful friend,” said Australia-based consultant Wasko Dimitroff on a Facebook link. “Sharing our cultures was such a privilege,” he added.

Suzuki was “not only an amazingly talented consultant but also a person with a golden heart. He taught me many things during my growing career in this industry,” said Gunalan Ganesan, of Halton Group in Malaysia.

Suzuki was a founding member of the Asia Pacific Chapter of the Non-Aligned World Wide FCSI membership in the 1990s. He became the founding secretary treasurer of the newly formed Asia Pacific Division of FCSI in 2005 and continued as an active member of APD, always supporting events and activities of the Division to this day, says Australia-based consultant Tim Smallwood FFCSI.

“Shigeru was always more than just a member of the Society, he was actively engaged in both the formal and the informal agenda at every event over the more than 20 years of his membership; whether it was a breakfast meeting, committee meeting, seminar or evening social, he energetically supported FCSI members at every exhibition and conference that we participated in,” he says.

“My most enduring memory is of the FCSI APD annual conference held in association with Hoteres Japan held at the Tokyo Big Site, which he planned and organized. The seminars were relevant and challenging, and included environmental issues such as waste recycling and bio-generation: presented in Japanese with Shigeru translating. But it was the unique supporting events he arranged such as a tour and demonstrations (and tasting the many different types and styles) at a Saki Brewery and for a small number of us attending a Tea Ceremony, all were memorable. But who can forget the final conference dinner held on a Yakatabune boat in Tokyo Bay, long tables, food and drink flowing and karaoke for those who were game. A unique and memorable event; even if for some WW office members who cannot remember having to be helped ashore, it was typical of Shigeru to make sure that everyone had an enjoyable time,” adds Smallwood.

“Shigeru will be missed but not forgotten as an innovative professional foodservice consultant and designer and a friendly, outgoing and hospitable member of our community, usually found at the end of the day, as he is now, surrounded by friends.”

Michael Jones

Photo: Toni Clarke FCSI