From the FCSI WW President: Mario Sequeira FCSI reflects and looks forward

Much was achieved in 2022 by the FCSI WW board and members, while 2023 will bring significant developments and opportunities

Warm greetings to you all. I hope this message finds you healthy and enjoying the New Year as we prepare for what awaits us in 2023.

The global FCSI family had a very busy year last year and I would like to highlight some of our activities in 2022 and plans for 2023.

As mentioned previously, in June 2022 the Worldwide (WW) Board of Directors met at the offices of the official FCSI publishing company to host a two-day Strategic Planning Workshop. The purpose of the workshop was to develop a plan for the next 10 years. I am happy to report that activities have been moving steadily towards our collective goals. The three WW standing committees; Membership; Technology; and the Website, Marketing and Communications Committee have all held numerous virtual meetings and made tangible recommendations for the WW Board consideration. The Technology Committee will move forward with their action list including connectivity and AI, the Membership Committee has the important task to rationalize and streamline global FCSI membership criteria across all divisions, and the Website Committee is making great strides in the development of the new website.

Divisional activity

The WW Board recently held a two-day meeting with a full agenda of items to evaluate and progress the various initiatives to conclude 2022 and to set the agenda for a successful 2023 (pictured below). Each of the Divisional representatives reported on the activities within the Division and I am pleased to say that all over our regions have shown an amazing ability to bounce back from the devastating impact of the pandemic.

The FCSI WW Board and Divisional team members
The FCSI WW Board and Divisional team members

The Asia Pacific Division (APD) actively participated at the Fine Food Show Melbourne and FHA HoReCa Singapore, Europe Africa and Middle East (EAME) had a productive Conference in Chantilly as well as a dynamic participation at GulfHost Dubai and Quip Hotel in France, and The Americas Division (TAD) hosted a successful Conference in Montreal as well as continuing their highly successful OnTap Podcasts, NRA annual reception, Abastur sessions, Equipotel sessions and Gastronomic in El Salvador.

Also reviewed at the WW Board meeting were the Worldwide Bylaws and current Code of Conduct. Each document was reviewed in detail and recommended updates made to keep the necessary evolution of both documents in line with current association business and industry practices.

Future plans

Looking forward to 2023, the WW Board is also focused on new areas of development. A new Council of Fellows task force has been created to review the nominations and qualification process. The WW Board continues to support the FCSI Educational Foundation and their initiatives with all three Divisions of FCSI committed to work with the EF whenever there is an opportunity. A Revit/BIM standards taskforce is also being set up to concentrate solely on that area of knowledge and growing industry interest. Also established was a WW Council of Professional Standards to review a global assessment standard of relevant accreditation necessary to apply for Professional Consultant membership of FCSI. The focus here is to attract high-quality professionals to our society with a view the elevate the recognition of FCSI Professional Members in the foodservice and hospitality industries.

I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention the continued strong relationship FCSI WW has with our valued partners. Progressive Content, the publisher of the Foodservice Consultant portfolio of products, who presented at the WW Board meeting some exciting new membership benefit opportunities including an Intelligence Center to be available in 2023. As another valued partner, the WW Board is pleased to report that a new three-year agreement has been signed with our association management company, AEC Management Resources.

Rest assured that with all the activities in motion at the Worldwide and Divisional level, the WW Board is always very conscious of financial considerations. To this end the WW Board is making sure that all expenditures are regularly reviewed by the Executive Committee and necessary budgetary updates are being made as needed. I would like to thank Bill Caruso FFCSI (PP) and Eric Norman FCSI for your continued support on the WW Executive Committee as I move into the second part of my presidential term.

On behalf of the WW Board of Directors and the WW and Divisional, I would like to wish each one of you and your families an amazing 2023.

We have so much to offer each other as foodservice professionals. We should never miss any opportunity to share, support or inspire one another.

You can always reach out to me personally via LinkedIn, email, or What’s App to raise any matter that should be addressed by the WW Board, or to just simply connect and say “hello.”

Mario Sequeira FCSI, president of FCSI Worldwide



What’s App: +61 420 904 940

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