Supported by Revel Systems, each episode features leading FCSI management consultants addressing how front-of-house is staying ahead of the curve

This new audio podcast series, supported by Revel Systems, features leading FCSI Professional member management advisory services (MAS) consultants discussing how and why foodservice is changing – and how the front-of-house element of the hospitality sector in particular is staying ahead of the curve.

In episode three, Chris Tripoli FCSI, founder of A’ La Carte Foodservice Consulting Group in Houston, Texas, looks at what good customer service means to him and whether or those standards are in danger of being comprised as new channels to market, such as food delivery or grab & go, have gained prominence in recent years.

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ROC equals ROI

“Good customer service to me means a good sense of value. That’s the way the customer monitors their experience – whether that’s a quick experience or more lengthy, whether it’s food and beverage or more hospitality – the guest is getting good service when they feel like ‘this was worth my time, I felt welcomed here and I might be back’,” says Tripoli.

“Return of a customer equals return of investment. That’s what we teach: ROC = ROI,” he adds. “But I believe our industry is lacking a little bit. It’s a little harder now for good hospitality companies to develop a sense of service as a culture within their staff,” says Tripoli.

“There is a tremendous amount of advantage in automation and technology to operate a business. That’s the upside. We can gather information quicker, we can make decisions quicker, we can be smarter. All of our POS is tied to a cloud-base so you can be anywhere in the world with a handheld device and check your reports for sales or labour, or set your utility measurements or invoice coding. But we must balance this. We still need that personal side, and that needs more work.”

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Please check out Chris Tripoli’s website here.

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