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Supported by Revel Systems, each episode features leading FCSI management consultants addressing how front-of-house is staying ahead of the curve

This new audio podcast series, supported by Revel Systems, features leading FCSI Professional member management advisory services (MAS) consultants discussing how and why foodservice is changing – and how the front-of-house element of the hospitality sector in particular is staying ahead of the curve.

In episode two, Arlene Spiegel FCSI, president of Arlene Spiegel & Associates, Inc. in New York, US, looks at the essence of good customer service in hospitality and whether it should ever change, dependent on the type or speed of foodservice operation or if there is always a minimum standard front-of-house should aspire to/maintain.

You can hear the episode, below:

What is your brand saying?

“Whether you’re going to a BBQ restaurant and eating ribs with your bare hands or having a tasting menu for $200, the essence of hospitality needs to be there. It does not matter if it’s a hot dog or haute cuisine – it’s not a minimum standard, it’s the highest standard that is relevant to the expectation the guest has,” says Spiegel.

“If you don’t understand, up close and personal, the value-drivers of your customers, they might come back to you once or twice, but they’re never going to be passionate, loyal fans,” she adds. “To me, the most important thing is to talk to them, listen to them and follow them on their social media channels in order to understand them. It’s important to not only anticipate their needs, but surprise and delight them each time they come.”

One of the most important aspects of customer service, says Spiegel, is for operators to ascertain “what are you promising? What is your brand saying to customers and how do you manifest that in real time actions at the counter, at the table and on the phone?”

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In case you missed it, the first episode of FCSI’s Future Customer podcast series, featuring Karen Malody FCSI, can be heard here.

The third and final episode in this series of FCSI’s Future Customer podcast will be aired on this website in March 2020. This podcast series is supported by Revel Systems: a technology platform to drive your client’s success. For more information please visit

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