FCSI’s Foodservice With a Heart podcast: Episode one – Tracy Chang

The first episode sees Chef Tracy Chang tell Tina Nielsen about the community programs she launched out of her restaurant and her approach to working for positive change

Foordservice With a Heart is a new podcast series, launched by FCSI in collaboration with Vulcan Equipment to hear from the people in foodservice and hospitality who affect positive change beyond the kitchen.

In this first episode, Tracy Chang talks about her motivations behind launching community programs from her restaurant Pagu in Boston, MA. to help essential workers and those in need during the Covid pandemic and how she has kept the spirit of them alive in a new initiative.

“The silver lining of Covid is that we have been able to dig deeper to understand what is is about food and beverage and the hospitality industry that we derive joy from, but also to identify our core values and our mission, our purpose for being in this community,” she says. “Who are we? Why are we here as a restaurant? If we see these points of connection it is our responsibility to create the idea and to grow it beyond our restaurant and to go and apply it to other restaurants and communities, so they can do the same.”

You can listen to the episode below:

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