FCSI’s Foodservice With a Heart, episode two – Andrey Teleguz

The FCSI Associate tells Tina Nielsen how setting up a program to help people caught in the war in his native Ukraine has changed his life

In the second episode of the podcast series focusing on foodservice professionals who work to make a positive impact in the community, we hear from Pennsylvania-based FCSI associate Andrey Teleguz who is principal of Scopos Hospitality Group.

Teleguz fled from Ukraine to the US as a child and has a unique insight into the experience of the many people today caught up in the war with Russia. When the war broke out, he took little time to get the program underway to help those in need.

“We started on day two of the war; on day one it was just shock and disbelief,” he recalls. “It was a quick reaction to the immediate need that we felt was a direct calling for us.”

He shares his own journey as a refugee and explains how it has influenced his work on the humanitarian project, as he outlines next steps to help more people in bigger ways.

You can listen to the podcast below:

You can read more about Andrey’s work and how to donate here

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