Supported by Atlas Metal, the new series features leading FCSI Professional member consultants discussing the future of foodservice design

FCSI has teamed up with Atlas Metal to produce a new series of audio podcasts. The Dynamic Design series features interviews with FCSI The Americas Professional member consultants addressing the four key ‘P’s that are required when putting together a design-led foodservice project: planning, partnerships, presentation and people.

In episode three, Joseph Schumaker FCSI of Foodspace looks at why it is essential to marry strong aesthetic design with robust functionality and the correct processes to achieve the right flow when designing a commercial kitchen. Form and function can be happy bedfellows, but only when experienced designers fully understand the needs of the customer and the overall goal of the operation. You can hear the episode, below.

Achieving the right flow

On taking the time to do a job properly, Schumaker’s advice is clear: “Measure twice and cut once.” There is a wealth of 3D visualisation tools out there for those embarking on a design-led project – but overthinking certain elements is still a vital part of the process. “The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that until it’s actually built, you don’t know for sure,” he says.

“Slow down, take your time, don’t just copy and paste. Hopefully, those are the things that food spaces are really focusing on and trying to do better.”

Further details:

This podcast series is supported by Atlas Metal, a trusted serving equipment partner with a hands-on approach to doing business. See how they’re making metal personal at atlasfoodserv.com

In episode one of the series, William Caruso FFCSI (PP), founding partner of WC & Partners, Inc. and chair of FCSI The Americas looked at the importance of strategic and practical planning when leading a design-led foodservice project from a consultancy perspective.

In episode two, Kristin Sedej FCSI of S2O Consultants, Inc, addressed how essential it is to have solid partnerships, when working on a design-led foodservice project from a consultancy perspective.

Keep your eye on the FCSI website ­for more episodes in the series. Episode four, which airs in September, will look at how essential it is to base the design and execution of a commercial kitchen project around the end-user – the people actually operating the equipment.

Michael Jones

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