Ali Group appoints Massimo Guissani as COO

Luciano Berti, Ali Group Chairman and CEO, today announced the appointment of Massimo Giussani as Chief Operating Officer, effective immediately.

In his new role, Giussani will continue reporting directly to Luciano Berti and will be primarily responsible for all of the Group’s companies within the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) and APAC (Asia Pacific) regions.

“I am greatly pleased that Luciano Berti has entrusted me with this position. It has been an incredible experience to be part of the growth undertaken by of the Group in the last 11 years. I look forward to future global development and continuing to contribute to the success of Ali,” says Massimo Giussani.

Giussani has worked closely with Luciano Berti for the last 11 years, initially as Director of Business Development and most recently as Group Executive Vice President. He was instrumental in developing several initiatives for the Group ranging from business development to acquisitions and restructuring activities. Giussani will continue to assist Luciano Berti in overseeing the business globally, a task he has progressively grown into by showing great dedication and business acumen.

“We are very pleased with the leadership that Massimo has provided during his tenure with the Ali Group, and look forward to his continued success as he takes on this new role,” says Luciano Berti.



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