Serving up solutions: Stacy Berry of FCSI The Americas

Stacy Berry, director of marketing & communications for FCSI The Americas (TAD), speaks to Michael Jones about the Division's innovative new video series

Tell me about the new video series. What is the ambition for it and why was it launched?

Our new video series is called Serving up Solutions. The concept was to create short, 2-3 minute videos that would provide educational content for operators in the foodservice industry – a go-to place for content. We felt there is a need for quality content for operators and who better to provide that content than our own knowledgeable foodservice consultants. Each one of our videos features an FCSI consultant talking about a topic they are an expert in and how that topic can help the foodservice industry.

When did the first video go live? 

We launched the first video at our 2017 Symposium in Orlando, Florida, before the NAFEM show. The next video will premiere later this month.

How is the series a good engagement tool for attracting new, prospective FCSI members?

At the core, these videos are about providing quality content that is easy assessable to everyone in the foodservice industry. This is just another way FCSI The Americas is promoting and educating the industry. Our consultants specialize in such a broad range of activities within the foodservice and hospitality industry it is a great way to show prospective new members what we have to offer as a professional association.

How did you select the consultants to appear in the videos and the topics/projects they are discussing?

Many of the consultants that we have featured so far have reached out to us about a specific area of expertise they would like to share as part of the video series. We have also gotten some referrals from other consultants and FCSI staff.

The first video features Scott Reitano FCSI. Why was this one the right one to launch the series with?

For the first video of the Serving up Solutions series, we wanted to give a good background on what FCSI was and why someone should chose an FCSI consultant. We thought this would be a great way to kick off the series and give a good background to others in the industry who may not know what FCSI is all about.



Watch the first Serving up Solutions video, featuring Scott Reitano FCSI, by clicking on the image above. 


What is the frequency of the video series going to be? 

We plan to release one video each month for the remainder of 2017 and beyond.

How does the series help take the marketing of FCSI TAD to the next level?

Content creation is a very powerful marketing tool for any organization. Producing this video series will really propel FCSI TAD into this arena. We are hoping to expand this video series in the future with even more engaging content in the form of additional videos, a blog, and social campaigns.

Which other consultants can we look forward to watching in the future? What subjects will they cover?

We have some really exciting videos planned for the rest of the year. We will be releasing nine additional videos this year, with the next one premiering later this month. We have a range of videos currently in production with some topics including menu development (Karen Malody FCSI), energy efficiency (James Camacho FCSI), using analytics in your restaurant (Joe Schumaker FCSI), operational assessment (Joie Schoonover), preventative maintenance (Bill Main FCSI), and technology’s impact on foodservice design (Kris Morphis). We will also be shooting videos in Spanish and Portuguese featuring Juan Martinez FCSI, Raoni Saade, and Nathalia Sifuentes.

How can other members get involved and put themselves forward to appear in future FCSI TAD videos?

We welcome any and all members to get involved in this video series. We will most likely be filming fall 2017 for our 2018 series. Please contact me at or any FCSI TAD staff if you would like to be featured in a video or have a great idea for a topic.


Update: Watch the new Serving up Solutions video, featuring Joe Schumaker FCSI as he explains why foodservice businesses need to change linear KPI metrics into a more multilevel model by investing in technology.


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