Jaime Partners introduces new concepts

Jaime Partners, a San Diego-based, full-service firm for program, project and construction management services, has helped develop and execute new a number of new, independent restaurants throughout the U.S., from concept development to completion.

The firm also draws up its own designs for concepts as well as conducts outside vendors, breathing life into a client’s vision for office, industrial, restaurant, retail and hospitality spaces.

For Enlightened Hospitality Group’s Herringbone concept in La Jolla, California, which opened in July 2012, the firm and contracted designers looked to create an “Italian market” feel with a special focus on seafood based on the restaurant’s ocean proximity, according to Rudolfo Farber, partner.

Jaime Partners contracted an LA design firm to remodel a former Oldsmobile car dealership and warehouse that hadn’t been occupied since the 1960s, preserving the original decorative ceiling and some of the natural masonry, while also incorporating mix-matched tiling and parts of lobster fishing crates for wall art.


The firm also installed six olive trees inside the structure for a breezy feel and contracted outside artists for unique pieces, like the Killer whale skeleton ceiling fixture suspended in metal cables.

Rubicon Deli, which opened in April 2012, was a product of Jaime Partners’ in-house designers, who used reclaimed wood for the main serving counter and long community tables, paired with bright red accents and other earthy colours.


For Gaijin Noodle + Sake House, which opened in May 2012, the firm worked with outside designers to bring in wood structures resembling trees for an indoor-outdoor feel.

As far as décor, “we tried to create an Asian-Godzilla-fantasy ambiance,” one that combines Asian print and adventure scene wallpaper with metallic meshes, decorative window treatments and darker-stained furniture and wood flooring.

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