Gauging the mood of Mexican diners

A new report shares insights into the behaviours and attitudes to dining at home, at work and in restaurants among Mexican consumers

The prevailing trends among diners in Mexico are increasingly shaped by their busy lifestyles. That’s according to a new survey from Culinary Visions Panel. The research and trend forecasting firm surveyed more than 1,000 consumers about their opinions and behaviours related to eating at home, at restaurants and in their workplace.

It is the overriding theme of Mexico’s Global Dining Survey, which also outlines five main insights that are important to Mexican consumers where their eating habits are concerned.

“Mexico’s consumers are increasingly looking for dining options which are both convenient and save them time,” says Sharon Olson, executive director of Culinary Visions Panel. “Besides caring about convenience, Mexican consumers also desire additional dining choices such as kid-friendly restaurants, quality products and restaurants that cater to dietary needs. They also have an increased appetite for global and specialty regional foods that they find difficult to make on their own.”

The survey found that over three quarters (76%) of the respondents found sharing a meal at home with the family remains important while 69% valued preparing a meal together as a family. Child-friendly restaurants hold an overwhelming importance to Mexicans when compared to the attitudes of other nations – 63% of those surveyed said this was important as opposed to 35% in other countries.

Food trust is another issue highlighted in the report. The consensus among a majority of responders (76%) was that it is important they trust the restaurants and supermarket delis they visit while 68% preferred to shop at local fresh markets because they know and trust the vendors.

Mexican consumers also differ from other countries when it comes to choosing restaurants based on their dietary needs, with 66% of those surveyed stating that having choices that meet their dietary needs was important. Of the responders 52% said restaurants catering to individual dietary needs was important versus 39% in other countries.

Fitting with the busy lifestyle issue, the survey found that convenience drives demand in Mexico – 58% said that quick and easy drive their choices when eating at work while 51% said they preferred shopping at a deli as opposed to the market because it is more convenient. Finally, the panel concluded that Mexican diners are driven by an interest in global and innovative regional foods – 75% said they enjoy ordering Mexican food when eating out, 69% appreciate international foods and 45% said they loved ordering American food. Convenience plays into this too as 63% said they lacked the time to prepare international foods. Among their national food Oaxacan cuisine remains a favourite with 65% of diners saying it is the most innovative in the country.

Culinary Visions Panel believe the findings reflect a desire for big quality ingredients, preserving family values and innovative cuisine even in the face of a shortage of time.

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