The future of foodservice design in a post-Covid-19 environment

Commissioned by FCSI The Americas and produced by Progressive Content, this paper looks at how foodservice design will evolve after the pandemic

Amid the short, sharp videos and pithy soundbites on social media that address ‘the new normal’ in foodservice, sometimes it is hard to find much in the way of substance as to exactly how the foodservice world will change in a post-Covid-19 environment. To that end, FCSI The Americas commissioned a comprehensive new whitepaper to address, in depth, exactly how the pandemic will impact on foodservice design and what this might mean for foodservice designers and operators alike.

The whitepaper, which features input from a number of FCSI The Americas Professional members and The National Restaurant Association, can be downloaded below.

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While the whitepaper predicts some significant change, some factors and requirements will inevitably remain. “Choice and customization aren’t going away,” says consultant Scott Reitano FCSI. “How we present the food will have to ebb and flow as we look forward in a post-pandemic world.”

Other findings in the whitepaper are that foodservice designers must remain flexible, with the key to success being adaptability. Short-term design measures may not be fit for purpose in six-months and designers are encouraged to think outside of the box and communicate clearly with clients.

There are also recommendations for designers to be cognizant of how other sectors approach sanitation and social distancing control in design: healthcare has great experience of contamination control and risk management.

In terms of foodservice equipment, the take-home advice is to “be ready to work with – and adapt – what is already available: There will probably be a gradual evolution in foodservice equipment development rather than a ‘big bang’ of reinvention.”

Designers are also advised they will need to rely increasingly on the implementation of technology – and to be prepared. “Opportunities exist for those who plan ahead, foresee future challenges and listen to – and learn from – their peers,” concludes the whitepaper.

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