FCSI’s Projects podcast – series one, episode two: Meals on Wheels, Tulsa

In the second episode of the Projects podcast series, supported by American Panel, we hear about the collaboration on a significant project

In the second episode of FCSI’s Projects podcast, Tina Nielsen hears from FCSI Associate Eli Huff, owner of SFG consulting and Katie Oatsvall, CEO of Meals on Wheels, Tulsa. They speak about the collaboration required on a monumental project that lasted over seven years, touching on everything from doing deep research to planning for the future.

“Figuring out what their primary mission is fit right in with our background, which is designing facilities that can produce quality meals that can hit the mark they need to hit, get the flow they need, get it out the door and delivering it,” says Huff.

“From the moment we cut the ribbon and moved staff in and started food production there was such a warmth about the building, which is such a community space and that is because SFG and Eli cared as much about the project as those of us who do the work every day. We couldn’t have asked for anything more,” says Oatsvall.

FCSI’s Projects podcast is a new series, featuring leading members of FCSI The Americas along with their clients and collaborators in significant foodservice projects. Giving an insight into the projects they work on, they share challenges and lessons learnt with listeners.

You can listen to the podcast below:

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