FCSI’s Principles of Progress podcast: Exploring the ‘G’ in ESG

In the third episode of the Principles of Progress podcast series, supported by Berner, Chris Tripoli FCSI speaks to Tina Nielsen about governance in foodservice businesses and the role it plays in the ESG context

For the third and final episode in the podcast series, focusing on the different elements of ESG in foodservice, Chris Tripoli FCSI, principal with The Restaurant Clinic, outlines the issues governance in foodservice and how it looks in practice.

“The governance part in ESG is really important; it is like the fuel of the engine. The E and the S – the environmental and the social portions – are really about outlining the ‘what can be done?’ whereas governance is more about ‘how to implement?’ It’s about how to successfully transform and improve your business and putting the ‘whats’ into action properly,” he says.

Covering a wide range of issues from what good governance looks like to the people who should be driving the push for a solid governance structure in companies, Tripoli draws on years of experience helping clients improve their business by putting the ‘G’ into action alongside the ‘E’ and the ‘S’.

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