FCSI’s Principles of Progress podcast: Exploring the ‘E’ in ESG

In the first episode of the brand new Principles of Progress podcast series, supported by Berner, Kip Serfozo FCSI speaks to Tina Nielsen about environmental policy in foodservice businesses

Kicking off this new podcast series, focusing on the different elements of ESG in foodservice, Kip Serfozo FCSI, the design director of Cini-Little International, outlines the issues surrounding the environmental piece and how it looks in practice.

“The environment is a big deal in our line of work; in every project we start it is one of the top issues that we talk about,” says Serfozo. “When you look at kitchens as a space they use more energy per square foot than almost any other part of a building so it is huge. When I think of the ‘E’ I think lowering emissions, reducing food waste, reducing energy levels across the board and other things like recycling and upcycling.”

Touching on everything from legislation as a driver of the implementation of policies to the next frontier in environmental initiatives in foodservice, Serfozo discusses demands from new customer groups, his role as an educator in foodservice design projects and the increasing number of businesses taking steps to combat climate change simply because it is the right thing to do.

You can listen to the podcast below:

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