FCSI whitepaper: Specialty Ice in Bar Programs

Supported by Hoshizaki, FCSI’s special whitepaper outlines the elements to consider when choosing an ice maker to enhance a bar program and optimize revenue

Ice plays a major role in any foodservice operation and particularly in a bar program where choosing a suitable ice maker can optimize revenue significantly.

With advances in technology and technical know-how, the options for operators looking for ice makers are increasingly sophisticated, producing top quality ice in a range of shapes and sizes.

This new whitepaper from FCSI, and supported by Hoshizaki, explores the important considerations to take into account when making the investment in an ice maker and outlines best practices for specifying, installing and maintaining the equipment. Leading FCSI consultants discuss how well chosen ice makers can elevate operations high-volume bars and explains what questions to address when choosing a machine.

Click on the link below to download the whitepaper Specialty Ice in Bar Programs:

“Having ice makers that can produce specialty ice is really beneficial to programs with a strong cocktail program because they don’t have the labor,” says Kristin Sedej FCSI, president of S20 Consultants.

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